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Monday, April 04, 2011

I'll Take Violation of a Fiduciary Duty for $500, Alex

Shocked and appalled. Or not (from POWIP):

AFSCME, SEIU, and the WPPA all willingly threw their own members right under the bus in order to make sure they REMAINED members and paid FORCED UNION DUES for another 33 months. It wasn’t about providing certainty to union members at all. Rather, it was about providing certainty to union BOSSES, who couldn’t afford to lose access to automatic extraction of dues from all of those lovely, lovely government employee paychecks.

So, now members of four of the above-mentioned bargaining units are bound by 33-month contracts that amount to sugar-sprinkled crapola. What do they get for a substantial net loss in pay, benefits, and security…? The privilege of continuing to pay union dues, whether they like it or not. And if you think those dues will now be decreased “in solidarity” with the plight of Wisconsin workers…?  Hey, I’ve got some land in Florida I can sell you real cheap, right on the water.
No one should think for even a moment that this was an isolated incident. If AFSCME, SEIU, and the WPPA pulled this maneuver in Sauk County, you can bet your bottom dollar that union reps around the state were racing to make similar raw deals that benefited not their members but instead union coffers and leadership.
Well played, union bosses, well played! [Insert thunderous applause here.] Absolutely gorgeous how you’ve suckered those who trusted you. Brilliantly diabolical how, without their even knowing it, you held a gun to the your members’ heads when you thought you might no longer be able to hold it to taxpayers’. So breathtakingly obvious are your self-interested motives at this point that it almost carries me away with awe. Though, it’s entirely possible that awareness of this little triumph will fail to evoke further ecstatic, fist-raised shouts of “SOLIDARITY!” from the rank-and-file you’ve shafted…or from those who suspect you may shaft them next.

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