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Friday, January 01, 2010

Crazy Justin Idea - Turbine Embedded in Roadways

I think that in advance of all intersections, stop signs, and off ramps, they should embed turbine generators into the roadways. These generators would catch the wheels of cars driving over them and spin, creating electricity (similar to the way wind turbines work). They would not be as prominent as speed bumps (or lumps, humps, undulations, whichever word you prefer), instead only rising 1 or 2 inches above the roadway - just enough for the tire to kick the turbine and cause it to spin.

You would only want to place these in places where cars are currently wasting energy (e.g. braking and slowing down when approaching intersections, stop signs, and off ramps, etc.). This energy could then be uploaded to the new smart grids that Obama promised.

Alternatively, the energy could be used to power heating coils embedded into express ways that receive snow and ice (e.g. Wisconsin, mountainous areas, etc.). That way, the roads could be kept clear and safer to drive, without poisoning the ground with salt.

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