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Friday, January 01, 2010

Crazy Justin Idea - Parking Spot Scanners

I think in front of street and parking lot parking spots, they should place a small laser/infrared device - similar to what is used by grocery stores. This light would scan any car's license plate that has parked in the stall (each of the cars would have a barcode on the license plate for the scanner to read) every 10 minutes. Once read, the state (or municipality) would then charge your car for the time spent in the spot parked. Then, when you get your vehicle registration renewal, you would be charged that year's parking fees in one fail swoop.

In addition, if it is a disabled parking spot, it would read your license plate to see if your vehicle is in fact registered as a disabled vehicle. If not, it would charge you a fine electronically.

Also, in addition, it can check to see if your car has been reported as stolen, etc.

This idea would eliminate meters, meter maids (their wages/health benefits, fuel used, etc.), and many parking tickets. It would also eliminate the need for limiting the amount of time you are parked in a particular parking stall.

The scanners would be no bigger than embedded roadway reflectors. They could report back to the centralized database via wifi.

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