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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Billy Mays Hates Vince Offer

From Al Dente:

Better get your ShamWow and SlapChop soon. Billy Mays is mad as hell and he's out to end Vince Offer's career.

A couple years ago, perpetual pitchman Billy Mays hawked infomercial classics like the Zorbeez and the QuickChop. He's since moved on to bigger and better products like Oxyclean and the Big City Slider Station, but technically still sells the older products. In 2007, upstart pitchman and gross-out comedian Vince "You'll love my nuts" Offer essentially ripped off Billy Mays' Zorbeez, using infomercials to sell what he called the ShamWow--peddling millions of the orange and purple towels. In late 2008, Vince moved on to a QuickChop knockoff called the SlapChop. That infomercial has become somewhat of a internet hit. 

How did Billy Mays take all this? Not very well. On February 10, 2009, Billy Mays went on the Adam Carolla show to air his grievances (listen here). In addition to calling the SlapChop a "crapchop", Billy warned Vince, "I'm coming after you".

The two had shared a suite at the 2009 Superbowl--hosted by the owners of a mutual call center. The meeting nearly came to fisticuffs. Vince later apologized, but Billy refused to accept. During the Carolla interview he challenged Vince to a "pitch off".

Here's how I imagine it would go...

Billy: Hi! Billy Mays here with an amazing deal for your face!
Vince: Yo, it's Vince. You'll love my fist.
Billy: Try it and I'll double the offer! That's two black eyes for the price of one!
Vince:  I'll slap the beard off your face, old man.
Billy: If you act now, I'll throw in a free boot!
Vince:You'll be saying "ow" everytime you try to eat.

And it just goes on like that for a good twenty minutes.

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