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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Vertical Vegetable Garden

Instapundit links over to a limited-space gardening kit on
Pretty cool. However, Paige and I built our own Vertical Vegetable Garden following these instructions in May 2004.

It worked great, although we did not have enough sun for growing big tomatoes or green peppers. When we moved out to CA, my parents took it over and having been using it since. I believe my dad grew massive quantities of tomatoes using this get-up last year. He used the excess to throw at the Chicago Cubs near the end of the MLB season - joking.

So, pick your own route. However, it was quite fun building our own variation of the Vertical Garden. We actually altered the top to include some shelves to hold potted herbs and spices.


Danecarp said...

Just found this post. However the links to both the limited space garden on Amazon and the plans for the vertical garden were inactive...any other info on either of these for a desperate fellow vertical gardener?

any help would be great! Thanks!

Justin said...

Here you go: