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Sunday, March 02, 2008

McCain's Catch-22: Not So Much

John Hawkins has a piece which regurgitates conventional wisdom about what Sen. McCain must do to win the Presidential election, come November. Basically, the piece is about an anticipated dilemma Sen. McCain faces: he needs to appeal to conservatives to get their support to win the election, but runs the risk alienating his current base of being a "Maverick".

It is an interesting piece, but, as mentioned above, not very controversial.

In fact, I predict McCain is going to take a different approach. One that some bloggers are hinting at already and one that will have conservative republicans, independents, and Reagan Democrats running to him. It is also one that is quite obvious. I predict McCain will cater to no one.

Think about it. The "Maverick" does not run that way. Also, why would he cater to anyone when the easier election strategy is going to be to hound his opposition about his/her (1) hyper-liberal views, (2) lack of a clear foreign policy, (3) lack of experience, and (4) embracement of "surrenderism".

Remember, whoever runs against McCain is going to be Jimmy Carter-lite. All McCain has to do is remind everyone of what happened when Jimmy Carter was President and who brought America back to its feet shortly thereafter. McCain just has to convince everyone that we need not repeat Carter's history to re-experience Reagan.

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