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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Meet the Tax Lady - Roni L. Deutch

In Sunday's Sac Bee, there is a great article talking about Roni Deutch, owner of the law firm I work at. The article also talks about Roni's plans to start up hundreds of Roni Deutch Tax Centers, Tax Preparation companies, in the coming years. Check it out by selecting read more below.

Here is a taste of the article:

Deutch, who said her firm has saved clients millions of dollars over the years, wants to be that guide. Her TV-heavy advertising campaign -- she spent about $4 million on advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus -- and her irrepressible spirit helped her to build one of the country's largest tax resolution law firms, Roni Lynn Deutch, a Professional Tax Corporation.

She made a believer out of 50-year-old Kenneth Cushman, a roofer for nearly 30 years before striking out on his own as a handyman in 2003. The Sacramento resident spends long days crawling on local rooftops to make a living. After becoming self-employed, the self-proclaimed "little guy" ended up owing $20,000 in back taxes to the IRS.

Six months ago, Cushman called Deutch's North Highlands offices to try to find a way out of the hole. At $420 a month for five years, Deutch's attorneys drafted an installment plan with payments reasonable enough to whittle down Cushman's tax debt.

"They kept the IRS off my doorstep, put me in a payment plan," Cushman said by telephone from a tree-trimming job in Citrus Heights. "A lot of little guys get behind. The IRS got real stinky with me. They figure you're poor, you can't afford a lawyer, but once I got Roni, they backed the hell off of me. (Deutch) gave me a way out. They helped me find a way."

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