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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I was wrong...

Rogers came out for the 8th. Gives up a hit, then 2 ground balls, the last resulting in an inning ending double play.

Kudos for Rogers. However, does it really make sense pitching him this many innings? Why not save his arm? He might have to come back and pitch game 4-5. And who knows, he might be able to pitch in Game 7 (probably not start) so long as you don't over pitch him here.

And also, wouldn't be a good idea to give Zumaya some work since you have had him warming up since the 6th? Now, he just warmed up, but got no real work this entire game. Seems like a waste to me.


Was there something implied by McCarver's comment, "There is something you don't see everyday, a pitcher shaking everyone's hand with his glove on. That is weird, he has his glove on."? Was Kenny trying to cover something up in his glove as he left the dugout?

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