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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Don't blame San Antonio, TX

For wanting to keep an NFL franchise. The city and county funded the construction of the Alamo Bowl for the sole-purpose of drawing an NFL franchise to that portion of Texas. Now, they get a chance to be hospitable for another city's team, and San Antonio has responded dramatically, selling out their two games.

And, although I am not a Tom Benson fan, what do you expect? Do you expect all New Orleans businesses and citizens to return to the danger zone (both pre-rebuilt and rebuilt) that New Orleans is? Do you? Well, if not, then why can't Benson pull his franchise too? New Orleans was not supporting his team in the first place, and now it will not have as many corporate sponsors or even citizens to attend. Most predictions see New Orleans going from 450k population to around 200k within a year. That is a 56% drop in population. It would make New Orleans smaller than the city of Madison, WI.

I think what should occur (but won't) is that the NFL allows Tom Benson to move his team to San Antonio, however, without the New Orleans Saints history, name, or logo (e.g. the Cleveland deal). In permitting the move, the NFL would promise New Orleans its Saints back in 3-5 years, when the league is ready to expand again. This could increase the league to 34 or even 36 teams. It would also permit the city of New Orleans, LA to rebuild itself, focusing on the important things to use its taxpayer and federally allocated $'s on - infrastructure, roads, flood walls, levies, breakers - instead of drawing up a sweet lease and building a new Superdome or hotels, or a Convention center.

San Antonio is not busch league, either. It has a population of 1.1 million, and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. It also already has a professional franchise in the Spurs. Although the Alamo Bowl is by no means old, it might need to be replaced in order to support a franchise for decades. However, once granted the franchise, I am sure the people and the city would do all it could to support the team, including funding for a new stadium.


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