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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Is there a "Do Not Comment" List?

Seriously. I would say 90% of my comments are just manufactured advertisements of other websites, companies, or blogs. They typically are phrased like this:

"A fantastic blog. Keep it up. Don't miss visiting this site about how to buy & sell everything, like music on interest free credit; pay whenever you want."

It is annoying. I mean, I want people to comment to my posts, I really do. But all comments get forwarded to my email account. Thus, everyday I get 4-5 Anonymous posts like above that I go through. I mean, it frustrates me, because I don't want to just assume that all comments are like the one above - and they are not. I want to respond to their opinions and criticisms. But ready comment after comment that are like the above just pisses me off and wears me down.

I realize that this happens to a lot of bloggers. What do you do to combat it?

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Anonymous said...

You turn on that feature that causes commenters to type the fuzzy letters they see. Then, spam generated comments typically don't get through. Unless an individual is directly sending the span and types in the code. Try it and see if it works...