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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Larry Brown is a flake

I hope everyone is finally turning the corner and realizing that. To take another job with a competing franchise while your team is in the middle of the Eastern Conference Championships is a very low blow.

"It's too late for the distraction not to eclipse the series. Congrats, Larry: You've undermined the game you profess to care about so deeply... If he has accepted a new job with another team, he should leave immediately to start. He has no business on the Pistons bench if he's a Cavalier."

I agree. The suggestion is made here that Chuck Daly should take over the bench for the rest of the playoffs, and I think that sounds like a fine idea.

I just hope everyone fully grasps that Larry Brown is a major league a-hole. But they won't. I fondly remember the U.S. returning from Athens in the 2004 Olympics without the gold in basketball, expecting Larry Brown to be hounded for years like George Karl was after the 2002 World Championships debacle. Instead, Larry Brown blamed it on the young players not listening to him, and everyone bought it. Why? Is he cute or something? Is it because he went to UNC? Is it because he is friends with Allen Iverson? Is it because he wears Mitchell & Ness jerseys to press conferences? I don't get it. Someone explain.

I will just end with this quote about Larry Brown from former Philadelphia 76ers President, Pat Croce:

"That man is so full of feces that it makes you nauseous."


With a different take on the whole Larry Brown affair, please read Jason Whitlock's article on

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