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Monday, January 20, 2014

2013 Resolutions - So How Did I Do?

So, 2013 is now 20 days dead.  I assume I should review my resolutions at some point and set new ones for 2014.  Well, here is a review of last years' effort (hint - it was pathetic).

1. Ride Bike More - Success!  Yes, I actually did this one.  Actually, after the elliptical went to gym equipment heaven (a/k/a, my garage), I actually rode my bike, pretty much, every morning from April through October.  In October, it was just to darn cold and dark out to continue.  Plus, I started getting into a regular routine of getting Dahlia's day started by cleaning her play room, getting her bottle ready, and doing any leftover dishes.  So, in a couple of months it remains to be seen if I will get back to it.

2.  No Ice Cream - Fail!  I definitely reduced my ice cream intake.  But, did not bypass for the year.  I think I was back to digging into some Vanilla by my birthday.  As for 2014, I just had a waffle and ice cream for breakfast on Sunday.

3.  Grow a Moustache Success!  Yes, I actually did this one, too.  No Shave November or Movember.  Next year, I might try to keep it through the winter.  We shall see.

4.  Eat More Quinoa -  Fail!  I may have had quinoa like 3 times in 2013.  Certainly not the frequency I was hoping for.

5.  Go to a Raiders GameFail!  I wanted to.  In fact, I was planning to go to the Week 2 tilt against the Jaguars.  But, I got tickets to the Packers-49ers opener, and 2 games in 2 weeks seemed like too much.  This next year, it is going to happen.  They even run a train from Sacramento to Coliseum.  So, I am gonna do it!

6. FaceTime for GrandparentsSuccess!  Yes, I actually did this one, too.  Huh, maybe 2013 wasn't as much of a failure as I thought.  Yes, this worked out great.  Although, we switched the time to 6 PM to pair with her meal time.

7.  Date Night -  Fail!  I don't think we went on more than 2 dates the entire year.  Big fail.

8.  Find a Recreational Activity -  Fail!  I like the idea.  But that was the extent of my effort.

9.  Help Around the House More -  Success!  Yes, I did, PAIGE!  I do the laundry almost exclusively.  I also clean up after Dahlia almost 2-3 times per day on my own without any prompting.  I do the vast majority of the dishes for the household.  I take out the trash, sort the recycling, water the plants, and complain about the state of the backyard.  I also even had our gutters cleaned and windows washed.  I do more than anyone could have possibly imagined me doing 12 months ago.  And that is not because I was pathetic, but just because now I am awesome.  Seriously.  Given these steps, I think all of my other misses on my resolutions should be considered a wash. ...  Ok, that might be pushing it.

10.  Draft a Will -  Fail!  I did absolutely nothing to even closely accomplish this.  The most I did was buy will maker software... in 2012.

11.  De-Clutter -  Fail!  I have done my best in this area.  However, it has not happened.  And with another little one on the way, we kind of have to if we plan to continue to live in our current house.  We need to find more space for living, currently occupied by storage items we do not use.

12.  Try-out for a Play -  Fail!  I don't see this happening any time soon.  It was a passing fancy.

13.  Fly a Kite -  Fail!  I am so disappointed in myself for failing in this one.  Lame!

4 of 13.  That's a .307 batting average in baseball.

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