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Monday, September 09, 2013

Improve the In-Stadium Experience by Commissioning Situational Music

The NFL is talking about ways it could improve the in stadium experience.  This is because they need to create an atmosphere that is more appealing to a fan than just watching it for free at home.  As technology gets better in TV and audio, it makes putting down several hundred dollars to actually go to a game.and eat/drink during said game less appealing.

So, to combat that, it has to come up with ways to improve the actual experience.  And one suggestion I have is improving the in-stadium music.  Presently, during breaks in the action the home team usually pipes in pop-40 hits.  However, for whatever reason these songs are rarely less than 3-5 years old when played.  I mean just yesterday I was listening to Third Eye Blind's "Jumper" in the middle of the 3rd Quarter of the 49ers-Packers game.

However, even if the music choice was with more taste and timely, it would still be a song that in no way connects me to the game, fans, stadium, or team.  Rather, it acts as a diversion, taking my concentration away from the game, fellow fans, stadium, and team.  I mean, in this instance it made me think of Stephan Jenkins -lead singer of Third Eye Blind- and how much I didn't like him. Then I was wondering what he was doing, knowing that he lived in San Francisco. Then I asked Paige if she thought he would come to a game, and she had no idea who I was talking about. Then after explaining who I was talking about, I realized that I missed the next play.

So, is that what they were trying to do? Get me to lose my concentration and miss the next play? If yes, why? Does that make more likely to buy concessions? Does that make me more likely to buy fan gear? I just don't think so. Rather, it just acted a s a diversion.

Now, what if the Niners had commissioned someone to put together a series of songs to play through out the course of a game. This could be a combination of local musicians and music genres. And the music crafted could be completely original and situation specific.  Think about it - first and ten music on offense, third and long music, third and short music, music for turnovers, music for TDs, music for breaks in the action - TOs, 1st Q, etc.

I know - what a crazy idea. It would never work. Well, you know where it does work? It is a place that also has football and is not worried about TV taking away from the in-stadium experience. Still don't know? How about NCAA football?

Go to a handful of UW-Madison games.  After maybe 2 you will begin to realize that the team has a whole bunch of musical traditions tied to particular moments throughout the game.  Granted, they have a,band that provides that music, but it is music nonetheless. And it is situational-specific. With certain songs for TDs, PATs, etc.

So, that is my idea. What say you, NFL?

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