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Sunday, February 10, 2013

February State of the Yard

I know it is the dead of winter. However, I just did an audit of my backyard and right now I am feeling like 3/4 of the plants and shrubs are either 50/50 or doubtful of returning next year. Argh! Seriously, 52 drip line spots to replace! Not to mention the flag stone patio and (obviously) the vegetable garden. Oh yeah, and the entire backyard probably needs to be ripped out. It is mostly moss and crabgrass, thanks to Madison and Davis. Oh yeah, did I mention they are in the middle of a two month project of digging an unneeded and unwanted irrigation ditch leading to the gate of the vegetable garden? Thanks for the surprise birthday present, jerks.

On the bright side, the front yard, beds look great. Looking forward to putting some more drip lines on the north bed and sprinklers facing Kerry's lawn. I think the only thing that will need replacing are the Dahlias. Dang snails! But I got a plan for them. Oh, they will never see what is coming.

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