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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekly Review of Jacksonville Jaguars

I am thinking of starting a project next year reviewing every NFL game, in-depth, for a single, random NFL team. This is something Packers, Patriots, and even Vikings fans have now grown accustomed to, from our respective beat reporters (i.e. McGinn, Bedard, and Pelissero, respectively). However, most teams - and their fans - do not have such luxury. Most do not have someone who painstakingly breaks down film, conducts interviews, and grills scouts on an individual play-by-play basis. So, my idea would be do it for a team for which I have no real affinity and for whom does not have an existing option. So, I think I am settling on the Jaguars.

The idea would be to review each play up to 10-15 times in order to determine who on the Jaguars won their individual battles on the play, who did not, and why, ultimately, each play succeeded or failed. I have the all-22 access on, so I should be able to get a pretty good sense what happened on each play. I would award points from -3 to +3 for each player. I would also take into account outstanding or horrible effort by the opposition, and adjust my points and critique as appropriate. My goal would be to post a complete breakdown of my findings by the Friday following the game.

The goal in doing this would to see if I have what it takes to review game film, scout teams, scout players, and learn why a particular team wins and why another loses. Granted, I won't have the access to players, coaches, and scouts like the aforementioned writers do (and have rightfully earned), but at least I can try to give a shot.

Thoughts? Other than a waste of time.

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