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Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolutions

So, 2013 is upon us.  my only proud accomplishment off from my 2012 resolutions was brewing beer. Although, i havent actually bottled it yet, so, maybe that resolution was moreso undetermined than anything.

One thing I did accomplish in 2012 that wasn't an official resolution was no McDonald's.  That is right - I never went to McDonald's once in 2012.  Given how close in proximity I live to McDonald's and that it is kind of an ubiquitous American institution, it is kind of hard to imagine that I didn't fall prey to its tempting fries, nuggets, McRibs, or Egg Nog or Shamrock Shakes.  But I did.  So, pat me on the back.

That being said, after last year's "official" debacle (6 of 12), lets set our eyes on some new resolutions for 2013.

1.  Ride my bike more.  I like riding my bike.  In fact, you might say I love it.  I also have access to a pretty nice little bike path along the American River.  I was thinking that I should go on this trip once every other week.  Would like to do it once per week, in the morning, but we shall see.
2.  No ice cream.  I love ice cream - in fact, my favorite cake is an ice cream cake.  However,  Dahlia's exposure to dairy needs to be limited her first year or so.  And that means no ice cream for Paige - who is also a big fan.  So, I think I will try to take one for the team here, and bypass ice cream for the year.  I just finished off the last vanilla and I already miss it.
3.  Grow a moustache.  Yep.  I am aiming for November - the whole Movember craze inspired me.  I will probably do something for Halloween, and then just go with it for a month.  Then we will see what happens.
4.  Eat more quinoa.  It is, after all, 2013's super food of the year. I am aiming for once a week.
5.  Go to a Raiders game.  I have never seen the Raiders play.  Granted, I am a huge Packers fan and my wife is a huge 49ers fan, so there really is no "rooting" interest.  But, I love NFL football.  So, I should go, right?  They also play Denver and Washington at home, so I could go merely to see Peyton Manning or RGIII.
6.  FaceTime for Grandparents.  With Dahlia joining Hein Family - West, I need to set-up a regular, weekly facetime/skype with Grandpa Hein and GJ.  How do Mondays at 7 PM sound?  I will encourage Paige to do the same for Grandpa Brad.    
7.  Date Night.  While movie night was a colossal fail in 2012, I think we can do a semi-monthly Date Night.  Especially with so many people volunteering to babysit.  Every month, I plan one Date Night and Paige plans one Date Night.
8.  Find some recreational activity.  I used to play summer baseball (no, not softball, baseball).  However, my arms and knees are kind of jacked-up and it makes it really difficult to dig America's past time.  I also used to play pick-up basketball, but that ended once I moved to CA and nowhere near a gym.  I have contemplated tennis again, but that is too expensive.  Notwithstanding all of these excuses, I need to figure something out and do it.  Paige has yoga (which I don't really like); so I need something for me (other than planting shrubs and grass seed all spring/summer/fall long).
9.  Help around the house more.  With Dahlia around, I cannot get away with not helping around the house anymore - otherwise, it looks horrible and I get annoyed.  So, this means more than just doing half of the laundry (i.e. starting the washer and dryer, but never folding), half of the dishes (i.e. washing/diswashing machine-ing, but not drying or putting away).  Granted, I have been already - admit it Paige! - but, I need to keep it up and make a concerted effort.  We will let Paige "grade" this one at the end of the year.  
10.  Draft a Will.  I have the technology and the brain power to do so.  I just need some "will power" to do it - especially now with a little one in the family.  I also hope that it will inspire some other - cough, Grandparents on both sides, cough - to do the same.
11.  De-Clutter.  Dahlia is about to turn 5 months old.  That means she is going to be mobile soon.  It also means we will need to baby-proof the house.  This provides us with a good excuse to de-clutter.  Go to a more streamlined ascetic in our house.  Less knickknacks, etc.
12.  Try-Out for a Play.  Wow.  Yep, why not?  I am sure I could find some play or skit or thing I could do. Or at least try to do.
13.  Fly a Kite.  Of course.

So, those are my resolutions. What about you?

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