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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Resolutions - So How Did I Do?

So, I listed 12 resolutions for 2012.  Seeing as it is 10:45 AM on December 31, I am guessing now would be a good time to review how well I did.

1.  Volunteer 4 times this year.  FAIL.  I didn't volunteer once.  :(
2.  Travel to a foreign country.  FAIL.
3.  Travel to a state I have not yet been to.  FAIL.
4.  Eliminate the Puka Shells.  SUCCESS!  No longer wear 'em.  I will wear some beads every once in a while, but that is rare.
5.  Go Fishing.  FAIL.  Not once.
6.  Shoot a gun.  SUCCESS!  Went out in late January 2012 and shot a hand gun, rifle, shot gun, and even a semi-automatic.  It was a fun day.
7.  Brew some beer.  SUCCESS!  I have a pilsner that will be ready for bottling next weekend and consumption in early February.
8.  Make the basement into a usable space.  SUCCESS!  We cleaned it up and organized it.  However, I don't know how much more functional it can get other than storage.
9.  Grow grapes.  SUCCESS!  I am actually looking to build a 3 tiered trellis for the vines to spread out in 2013.
10.  Movie Night.  FAIL.  We went to the movies 4 times - The Artist, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and Skyfall.
11.  Eat more carrots.  SUCCESS!  So much so that I actually got a stomach ache.
12.  Meet Aaron Rodgers.  FAIL.  I made no attempt.

Overall, 6 out of 12.  Pathetic.  How did you do?

I will post my new resolutions for 2013 tomorrow.  Let me know any commitments you think I should try to make.

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