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Friday, September 23, 2011

NFL Turning Point Disappoints

I don't know about you, but I was REALLY excited when Versus (soon to be NBC Sports) announced it would have a new program debuting during the season called, "NFL Turning Point". From its title, explanation of the show's premise, and involvement of the NFL, NFL Films, and NBC, it lead me to believe it would be a cool combination of ESPN's NFL Match-Up (note - the single best analysis show out there, bar none [unsurprisingly, the least hyped/promoted show on ESPN's weekly scheduled]) meets NFL Network's  NFL Sound FX - meaning the intersection of beautiful footage and relevant/accurate gametime analysis.

So, what have we gotten the first two weeks so far? Basically, a repackaged NFL Sound FX. There is basically little to no analysis of the actual critical "turning points" of the games selected. Rather, just a voiceover talking about the difficulties a team was facing.

Really, what needed (and still needs, hint-hint FOX/CBS) to be done is someone needs to do an actual turning point show. Pick 2-3 of the best games from the week prior. Boil them down to one critical juncture - one play that turned the tide. Then, the show should interview the players/coaches involved in that play, show the film footage from multiple angles as to how the play worked. Show the film footage from any plays prior in the game that influenced the one critical play. Show footage from previous games that influenced the one critical play. Show footage from training camp, practice, and film study that influenced the one critical play. Now that would be an AWESOME show. And it would really demonstrate that football and the NFL is a game of inches.

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