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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Karma for Mission Cheese and US Cryotherapy

Two friends of mine are having their grand openings of their new businesses tomorrow. How exciting! As this does not happen every day of the week, I thought it appropriate to give them both a shoot-out. 

Mission Cheese, a boutique cheese-monger shop/bar/restaurant, is opening tomorrow in the Mission District of San Francisco by my friend, Sarah. You can read about the grand opening here. The shop looks gorgeous and I am sure Sarah's smile and charisma will sell many curds alone. Also, Sarah has a blog that captures her journey from corporate america to cheese-traveler to cheese-entrepreneur. Congratulations and best of luck - remember, now you are in the fun part!

US Cryotherapy is the first cold therapy treatment center in the nation designed to enhance sports performance, aid fast muscle and tissue recovery. It is being opened by the Kramer family - a father and three sons, one of whom I played baseball with for two years, Todd - in Roseville, California, a suburb of Sacramento. Cryotherapy is localized or whole-body exposure to cold temperatures to decrease inflammation, pain and spasms, and promote healing. It is not a medical procedure: rather, it is a way to quickly get the same effect as submerging yourself in a "cold tub" - full of ice and ice cold water - without having to get wet or fill a tub full of ice and ice cold water. You can read about the grand opening here. And here. The investment looks promising, with US Cryotherapy already securing some celebrity endorsements.

I am really happy for Sarah and the Kramers. They had the patience, confidence, and diligence to see their dreams and ideas through. As I mention above, now comes the fun part - of getting to share that dream with others. It still will be work, but, I hope with all of the time, blood, sweat, and tears already invested, you will realize it was all worth it. So best of luck.

I look forward to my own visit in the near future.

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