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Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Tax Man"

From Don't Mess With Taxes:

Well, Numb3rs fans, I hope you enjoyed Charlie and Amita's wedding because it looks like David Krumholtz's new tax-themed sitcom is moving forward.

When I blogged back in February about the television show set in an IRS district office, the Ron Howard project was untitled. Now it has a name: Tax Man.

I didn't say it was a particularly interesting name, although I'm wondering if they'll do some version of the Beatles' similarly named tune as the theme song.

And now, in addition to a title, the program has a locale (Fresno, Calif.) and more cast members.

Edgrimley_sctv Comic genius Martin Short will be playing the head IRS honcho. I must say, will Short be a frenetic revenue collecting Ed Grimley? Or will he be more hardened a la his Damages' Leonard Winstone character?

Our entertainment and tax guru
TaxProf also reports that former Wonder Years star Fred Savage will direct and MADtv alum Orlando Jones will be one of Krumholtz's coworkers.Again, a good cast, but a curious setting. I hope at least a few episodes get on the air to tide us tax geeks over somewhat during the fall's relatively slow season.

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