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Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Didn't Favre Go to His Primary Receiver?

Here is the video of Brett Favre's last throw in the 2009 NFC Championship game:

After the game, Favre was asked about the play. Here is what he says:

After the penalty we were out of field goal range. I am not even sure what the exact yardage was that we needed, but the play was designed actually to go to Bernard (Berrian) in the flat – man coverage – they checked out of it and we went in motion.

Now, re-watch the play. Bernard Berrian is #87, going in motion. He is to Favre's immediate right at the snap. He does a delayed release out to the right flat. The defender on him is in horrible position. Then Berrian adjusts his route up the sideline. Again, his defender adjusts horribly and is STILL in horrible position.

If Favre actually goes with his primary receiver - Berrian - he has at least a 10 yard completion, if not longer, and the ball out of bounds. It looks like Berrian gets to roughly the 28 yard line without much resistence. That makes it a 45 yard FG, which was well within Longwell's range.

P.S. Here is a pretty prescient interview question asked of Favre last week Thursday before the 2009 NFC Championship game:

Having lost the championship game two years ago, kind of with the ball in your hands, how does that affect your thoughts going into this game and having another chance at it?

Well, I've got another chance. That's all you can ask for really. For me, I'm honored by just having this chance and being able to redeem myself. Unfortunately, the game didn't go in our favor. There were a lot of good plays in that game. That obviously was not one of them. So, that's a good example of limit the mistakes, limit the turnovers. It's easier said than done but you've got to go out. I'm going to prepare as hard as I can. I'm well aware of this opportunity. I have no idea how the game will unfold, how it will end, but I'm just thankful for this opportunity. This is, I've said, a once in a lifetime deal. Now that's not true but at least in my case, I hope to make the most of it.

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