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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gut Reaction - Week 2, 31-24 loss to Bengals

From Cheesehead TV:

  • So let’s get this straight: They can’t block, they can’t tackle and they can’t catch. Did I miss anything?
  • Dear Mike McCarthy, I am officially sick of the penalties
  • Thank God they held on to Jarrett Bush, if only for his comedic value
  • Aaron Rouse was surprisingly solid
  • The Packers do not have a running game. Period.
  • Or a running back, for that matter
  • Aaron Rodgers has to speed up his clock and start checking down. The protection is shaky, but he’s not helping.
  • Can everyone shut the hell up about the Super Bowl now?
  • Dom Capers needs to get the edge fixed. Off tackle has been killing his defense since the first pre-season game.
  • Charles Woodson is, if not a God, then a minor-deity
  • Mike McCarthy’s team looked poorly coached today

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