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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wait - Republicans Have Proposed Comprehensive Health Care Reform

Wait a second. I was told by the President that Republicans have teamed up with Health Insurance providers and are trying to kill Health Care Reform. I was told that they weren't even giving reform a chance.

Hmm. Well, what about H.R. 2520, Patients' Choice Act? It is comprehensive Health Care Reform, proposed by Republican Representative, Paul Ryan. Wow, and it you read it, it actually accomplishes the ultimate goal of comprehensive Health Care Reform, without creating a government-run option. And it was proposed back in May 2009.

Now, I completely understand that Democrats won the majority of the House, Senate, and the Presidency in the last election. I mean, President Obama said it best, "I won." However, winning means that you can pass what you want on your own. It does not mean you get to lie to the American people and say that the opposing party is not playing fair and has not even provided their own solution.

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