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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mission Cheese -- Welcome!

One of my good friends just started her own blog, Mission Cheese. Here is a snippet of her first entry, of which here you can find the whole thing. Enjoy:

We are living in interesting times & are being challenged to think of things a bit differently every day. We are being challenged to change & evolve to live in a state of heightened consciousness. As a lover of food & all of you...I'm excited for this change. Where does your food come from? At what cost? Is it worthy of entry? What you eat determines which farm thrives & which is forced to sell out to developers (boo). Let's keep the *good* guys in business, instead of fuel the growth of the *bad*. There is SO much good to be had...let's find it!

Shop and eat local and/or organic when possible & spare those after us of a life of sliced American cheese & ice berg lettuce ( that sounds atrocious).

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