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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Barefoot Jogger runs over 13,000 miles

From KTKA:

Rick Roeber or the barefoot runner as he is known, gets a lot of stares.

“A lot of times the reaction I get is like wow, or like why do you do that?” he said.

He’s had frostbite before, but says his feel actually don’t feel that cold.

“They are working, they are busy,” he said.

He is busy on a mission, raising money for the Free Wheelchair Mission.

“$52 can literally keep someone from dragging themselves down an alleyway in a third world country,” he said.

He’s run in six degrees to 104, rain, shine, even snow.

"It's kind of a wet snow,” he said. “A little cushy."

These bare feel have logged more than 13,000 miles, a lot of miles to think and sing. He hasn’t always shunned shoes.

"You know my knees were really bad five years ago when I stopped running with shoes,” he said.

He said barefoot running forces proper technique and has breathed new life into his old knees.
He has run barefoot 581 days straight and counting.

“You know I'm 53 now,” he said. “You know everyday is a new day I still feel good when I wake up in the morning so I just keep doing it as long as I can.”

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