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Friday, March 13, 2009

Autographed Paper Plate

One story I have failed to tell on my blog is about my autographed paper plate.

Well, about 1 month ago, Roni Deutch's brother, Russell, was at the Arena Softball Complex in Roseville. He was there for a birthday party for one of his kids.

While there he noticed this young man in one the bullpens pitching. Tall, skinny kid, looking goofy and mischievous all the same. And this kid was humming it. Almost knockin' the catcher off his feet.

Then he starts bringing his curveball. Out comes this big, swooping curveball out of the same hand and arm that was hurling heaters. No discernible difference in motion.

Russell is obviously impressed. So, he walks up to the people standing outside of the bullpen, and asks one of the guys, "so, what high school does this kid pitch for?"

"High school?", the onlooker says in disbelief, "dude, that is Manny Parra. He is a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers."

Well, this got Russell excited, as he actually knows a Brewers fan - me! So, after Manny got done working out of the stretch and some pick-off moves, Russell goes up to him and introduces himself. He lets Manny know he was looking great in the pen. Manny shrugs his shoulders, kind of oblivious.

Then Russell lets him know that one of his co-workers (i.e. me) is a huge Brewers fan. Manny's eyes open op like beach balls. "Really? Oh man, that is sweet," are his words. "Can I give him an autograph?" he asks Russell.

Russell is like, "yeah, sure, definitely. Here, uh, let me find something for you to sign." So, he races back to the birthday party and starts looking at the items - pizza box, napkins... paper plate! Sure, why not?

Russell brings it back to Manny, who then places his Herbie Hancock on the plate.

Right now, it is sitting at home next to my bed in a plastic wrapper. I will take a picture and post it to the blog.

Pretty crazy.

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