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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Bob Uecker Rocks

From Miller Park Drunk:

Sometimes I wonder if most Brewers fans know how lucky they truly are. Sure, the team has never won a World Series and it was 26 years between playoff appearances. Admittedly that stuff sucks, but at the same time we’ve got Bob Uecker and you don’t. Bob Uecker is one of the best announcers in all of baseball and probably one of the coolest guys in all the world. He’s like the cool grandpa who buys you beer, plays beer pong with you and your friends, then proceeds to wipe the floor with everyone (If only that stereotype existed.)

We love Bob here and would love nothing more than to slam some Jack Daniels with him in the announcers booth. Now, here’s 10 reasons why he is not only awesome but better than every other announcer in baseball.

10. Bob has a stalker. Somehow I don’t see anyone stalking Ken Harrelson.

9. Bob Uecker made Johnny Carson laugh. Marty Brennaman made Adam Dunn cry. Advantage: Uecker.

8. Bob was once named Minor League Player of the Year. Unfortunately, he had been in the majors for two years at the time.

7. Bob Uecker once hosted Saturday Night Live. I’ve never seen it, but he couldn’t have been worse than Paris Hilton.

6. Bob Uecker did better Miller Lite commercials in the 80s than anything they’ve done since.

5. When the Brewers stayed in the same hotel as a furry convention, Bob Uecker didn’t freak out like Jon Miller might have. He made one of the dogs his bitch*.

4. Is quite the singer.

3. Bob Uecker was at Wrestlemania IV and got choked by Andre the Giant. Pat Hughes watched it on PPV.

2. Two words: Major League. Does your announcer even have a SAG card?

1. Forget your announcer, Bob Uecker looks better with his shirt off than your cleanup hitter.

So, I hope that settles that. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go sketch Bob Uecker as a superhero billy goat embracing a smaller, manga version of myself.

*Making his bitch may be construed as “took a picture with”.

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