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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Capitol Garage

Paige and I went to the Capitol Garage for St. Valentine's Day breakfast. It was fantastic. I had breakfast tacos (sausage, eggs, beans, corn, corn tortillas, and a cilantro and cream sauce) and Paige had a twist on an Eggs Benedict (ham, bacon, avocado, and using potato pancake's instead of english muffins).

Both meals were perfectly prepared. they both came with a heaping side of breakfast potatoes, which were excellent, if not a bit much -- neither Paige or I could finish the potatoes. We also got a side of random fruit -- orange and pineapple slice, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and a cumquot.

The atmosphere is relaxed and social. They have flat panel TVs on three walls and serve cocktails, deli, and bakery items. So, a little hodgepodgy, which is nice. Their coffee was standard.

This was a 5 star all of the way except for two things: service and the orange juice. The orange juice was orange colored water. Just horrible. Also, the service was a little shoddy, as we never got silver ware until we asked. Also, the host was an insufferable prick to the incoming diners. He kept saying, "well, you can immediately eat at the bar, or you can make me clean up some tables for you? If you want a table you are going have to wait 5-10 minutes before I clean one up for you." And this while there would be 3-4 tables that all it took was to set-up and layout was some silverware. 

Said host liked to throw clean coffee mugs onto a towel on top of the bar. One time, a mug missed the tool, hit the bar, shattered, and sent pieces of porcelein into a patron. It wasn't a big deal, but could have been avoided if the host-ass was just using a little common sense.

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