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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Tax Lady Roni Deutch Help Clients Owing The IRS Nearly $1 Million Through Streamlined Installment Agreements

In January 2008, Ms. Deutch and her law firm, Roni Lynn Deutch, A Professional Tax Corporation, represented a group of taxpayers that owed in aggregate nearly $1 million to the IRS. On average, each client owed approximately $14,000.00. By negotiating with the IRS, Ms. Deutch and her law firm were able to get these clients on Streamlined Installment Agreements (SIA) averaging only $256.97 per month. Some of the monthly amounts were even as low as $35.00.

SIAs are one of the variations of the IRS Installment Agreement program. With an SIA, clients can find relief quickly. The IRS also does not request extensive financial information to determine the monthly payment amount. It is simply based upon how much you owe. There are, however, some specific requirements taxpayers must meet to qualify. These qualifications include:

  • Total tax liability cannot exceed $25,000.00.
  • Must completely repay taxes within 60 months, or before the statues of limitations expire.
  • Taxpayer must be in compliance with filing all necessary tax returns.
  • Taxpayer may be requested to prove that he or she cannot immediately pay the total tax liability

For more information, check out the press release.

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