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Thursday, November 29, 2007

If Cheney Resigned Today

I know that this is not likely, however it is possible given his health concerns. It is also possible, given that the Bush family is not likely to sit-out this presidential election and would like to annoint a worthy successor (or placeholder, given the likelihood of a future (2016?) Gov. Jeb Bush presidential run). Finally, if Iraq continues its miracle turnaround and the current Bush Administration is able to bring a structured peace process to 2008, Bush may have more credibility near the end of his term than any of us could imagine. I know this a very optimistic prognostication, but President Bush is always optimistic.

That being said, who would President Bush pick as his VP for the last 14 months of his presidency?

My guess is that it would be one of the presidential front-runners. And it would be the person most likely to uphold the Bush Administration's Mideast policies.

I think that person would be Sen. Fred Thompson. He was already used by President Bush to shepherd Supreme CourtChief Justice John Roberts through the confirmation process. Also, his nephew George P. Bush is the Chairman of the Young Professionals wing of Thompson's presidential campaign.

But what do I know? Who do you think it would be?

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