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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mr. Kossoris

It is a sad day in the Hein household. My favorite teacher of all-time, Mr. Tom Kossoris, died on May 31st. I just got word this morning. Mr. Kossoris was my History, Government, Political Science, and Economics teacher. He got me interested in Political Science, Economic, and Law. He played a big part in me pursuing a career in Law.

He was a great teacher and mentor. One story I have about him is a lesson in having principles. As I satated, I had him for multiple courses and thus multiple semesters. His grading curve was that 90+ was an A, 80 - 90 a B, and so on. In addition, he would bump you up to an A if you got a 89.5 or higher.

Twice, I got 89.4 in his courses. And twice, I got Bs. I pleaded with him both times, but he stood firm by his rules.

Rest in Peace, Big Daddy K.

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