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Friday, May 18, 2007

Rudy is Already Running Against the Democrats

From the American Spectator:

We saw this clearly in the debate. First he positioned himself as standing between his Republican party and the liberal media which continues to prophesize Republicans' "inevitable defeat." He also invoked the specter of Hillary Clinton and her anti-free market baggage. Then of course Ron Paul gave him the opening, which he snatched, to stand up not just for the party but for the country against the left wing canard that we brought 9-11 on ourselves. Suddenly we were not in the debate but back in New York City and he was once again back in his role as America's Mayor. In short, Giuliani was not running against the other candidates on that stage; he was running against the terrorists (including the Fort Dix plotters "planning inside our country to come here and kill us"), the Democrats, and the Blame America First crowd.

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