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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Gifted, Talented, and Screwed

"Historically, there's been kind of an attitude that if they're smart enough, they'll get by on their own, and it's just not true... the majority of them are going to school expecting to be taught, to find new and interesting things every day, and it's just not happening."

MJS Analysis of the lack of direction and action in determining how to effectively groom and educate our gifted and talented students.

Contrary to popular wisdom, gifted students aren't all happy, easy-to-handle, interested, quiet and passive. They ask questions, get frustrated, act out and sometimes wallow in boredom. They can love learning but dislike school - some so much so that they drop out.

This one of those big, unspoken problems in public eduction. Makes you wish there was some sort of alternative. Like, school vouchers or something.

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