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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day Miracle - Sort of

Yesterday, Madison (my pet pug) and I were taking a walk, when Madison broke free from her collar and leash. She went scampering out into the middle of the street and was thisclose to getting hit by a car.

In fact, she did get hit by a car, but just the bottom of the front bumper. Instinctively went down to the pavement as the car drove over her. She then ran out from underneath the car to the back, and then sprinted 3 blocks home.


She was little frantic when she got home, but then fine as she settled down. I could discern no injuries, internal or external. She was playful the rest of the evening and had her usual appetite. She slept fine and is snoring right next to me as I type this.

As a precaution, I am taking her to the vet in 30 minutes. Hopefully, she will be declared healthy and lucky.

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