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Monday, December 25, 2006

Green Bay Packers Off-Season Preview

Well, more like a wish list.

Tight End extraordinaire, Tony Gonzalez, is a free agent next year. He and the Kansas City Chiefs have yet to see eye-to-eye on how much is he worth. Gonzalez, 3o years old and in his 10th season, has yet to taste the Super Bowl in his career.

The Packers would be wise to target him as a number 1 priority in the off-season. With the highly publicized inability of the Packer tight ends to create plays for the Favre, adding Tony would instantly fill a hole.

After that, the Packers should propose the following trade to the Oakland Raiders:


This would allow the Raiders to dump salary and aging players for a hometown QB and draft picks. Moss... well nothing needs to be said about how he would propel the Packers passing game. And Brooks had his most successful seasons under the tutelage of Mike McCarthy.

Just something to think about.

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