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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kenny Rogers

So far, Chris Myers has interviewed Rogers. Rogers is asked about what the umpires said to him after the 1st inning about the substance on his hand, and Rogers answers by saying the umpires were telling about how much time and pitches he had to warm up to between innings.

That is bull-sh!t. Myers should have pressed Rogers more.

I wonder if Rogers will even come-out for the post-game interviews? The press should "press" him on this issue, for there was a substance on his hand.

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BrENDa said...

My hubby said that we should gather all of the balls and send them to the local CSI to test them for substances.

Also, did you notice that when Rogers left the game, he kept his glove on the entire time he was shaking hands with everyone -- then immediately went to the locker room STILL with his glove on?

Mmmm hmmmm. Fishy like sushi, I tell ya.