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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Houston Texans are World Champions!

February 5, 2006

When the clock struck twelve in the swirling winds of Detroit, a collective cheer emanating from the South echoed throughout America. The cheer then turned to a chant, becoming more and more audible as it progressed and got louder. "T E X - A N S, T E X - A N S" could be heard from Sacramento, California, to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Madison, Wisconsin. As suprising as the sound of this chant would be on any given day, on this day it was expected and accepted. Why, you ask? For the Houston Texans had thorooughly dominated and embarassed the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XL. Houston was no longer a second-class NFL city to its big brother Dallas. No, Houston had joined the pantheon of Super Bowl winners.

The load was carried by Super Bowl MVP David Carr. Carr, who has turned around his career with this strong performance dissected the pathetic and apathetic Arizona defense, which could not muster much of a pass rush or pass defense. Equally patheitc and apathetic was Arizona's offense. 8 points! Against one of the weakest defensive units in the league.

Regardless, off how horrendous Arizona played (as well as the many questionable coaching decisions made early-on, and at key pressure points later in the game) the game and the championship belonged to Houston. They were clearly the better team, better prepared, and better equipped. This may have been because of the keen leadership of their coach. Or this may have been the key acquisitions made throughout the season by the ingenious GM.

So enjoy the soothing sounds of "T E X - A N S, T E X - A N S". Join-in. It is a sweet chorus. And do not feel afraid to add a "SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS, clap... clap..., clap, clap, clap" as a second verse.


Ryan Anderson said...

Thanks Hein for the great coverage of The Minneapolis Sin Bin Madden Bowl. To add a few key points that you would not have been able to know. This was actually Super Bowl 43 and was played in Arizona (meaning home field advantage for the Cardinals) during a rain storm. The final point total mustered by the Cardinals was 7 points, not 8. Also wanted to add that the key acquisitions were via trades with the Cowboys and Packers. Bringing in Terrence Newman and Antonio Bryant from the 'boys as well as Nick Barnett from the Pack turned the season around and brought the Texans to another level.

Going into the next season The Cardinals have moved their franchise to Mexico City, taken the Devils nickname and will be replacing their entire coaching staff with many more off season moves expected. The Texans will look to re-sign a few key players while re-tooling a few other positions through free agency and the draft. Also should be noted there are two coaching changes as both coordinators took Head Coaching jobs elsewhere.

In the end though I thinik both teams have a great shot at facing each other in Super Bowl 44.

"How about those TEXANS....whooo heeee!!!"

dblakes said...

Great Uncle Teddy's trumpet, I just crapped myself!

furious t said...

Tim is getting upset!