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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Heins come to Sacramento

Yes, yes. My ma and pa came out to visit me and Paige at our little teenie apartment in Sacramento, California. They also brought my sister, Jacie. It was their first visit to California's state capitol. They took many pictures, some of the inside of my apartment, which can be seen at their blog at 6 minus 4. My little brother, John, joined the cadre on Friday night around midnight.

After spending last Thursday and Friday in Sacramento, we ended up traveling to Paige's hometown of Santa Rosa. This is where Paige and I plan on getting married. So we visited the wedding ceremony and rehearsal site, before heading to Paige's family home, where we met her parents and other "younger brother" Cecil. Everyone sans Cecil then made the trip out to Korbel and then the Sonoma Coast, before having dinner. It was a busy day, and we crashed pretty hard and early around 10 PM. However, it was a glorious day, which I am sure the pictures make pretty evident.

Sunday, however, was the other side of weather in Sonoma - at least in November. It was foggy and drizzling most of the day. We still had a lot of fun with Sunday Brunch at the Saunders House, and then a visit to Healdsburg and Geyersville, two little cities north of Santa Rosa.

All in all it was a great trip, one I hope they feel comfortable making more often. I also look forward to having them come-out for long and either in the spring or early fall when the weather is more ideal.

Love you guys. Thanks for visiting.

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