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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It doesn't seem that long ago...

July 22, 1995:

White Sox SS Ozzie Guillen shoves Brewers Jeff Cirillo at 3B touching off a bench-clearing brawl. The highlight is the two managers, Phil Garner and Terry Bevington, swinging at each other.

Earlier in the season, White Sox broadcasters, Ken Harrelson and Tom Paciorek, suggested that Phil Garner was ordering the Brewers pitchers to throw at the White Sox hitters. Garner, deeply offended by these comments, responded by publicly challenging the pair to a fight -- at home plate, on the mound, in the parking lot, wherever they wanted. The intriguing part of this proposal was that Garner offered to fight both of the broadcasters simultaneously. The early betting line on this bout was that Garner would be outnumbered, but not outfought. He didn't get the nickname "Scrap Iron" for being a passive type. But the Sox announcers never accepted Garner's offer.

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