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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Who are the likely suspects for President Bush's 2nd pick to SCOTUS?

Well, here is a "short" list of candidates:

Judge J. Michael Luttig
Judge James Harvie Wilkinson III
Judge Samuel Alito, Jr.
Judge Edith Hollan Jones
Judge Janice Rogers Brown
Judge Priscilla Owen
Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales
Larry Thompson

Miguel Estrada
Judge Edith Brown Clement
Judge Karen J. Williams
Judge Alice M. Batchelder
Justice Maura D. Corrigan
Harriet Miers
Justice Raoul G. Cantero III

Feel free to read their "wiki" bios. All are deeply qualified candidates. However, here is my pick:

Judge Michael W. McConnell

I put $20.00 on him in the book on "who will be named to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor". Do you think that bet is still good? Probably not.

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