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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Our New Apartment

Well, Paige and I are finally on our own again. We moved out of her parents' beautiful home in Santa Rosa, CA about a month ago for sunny (and fricken' hot) Sacramento. Thank you so much, Brad and Gail, for your hospitality and for treating me like one of your children (a much more spoiled one at that) during my time under your roof. Now it is back to taking care of ourselves.

Our new place is not like our old place in Madison at all. Take a look below. It is called the Villagio, and is relatively new. It has a lot of luxurious amenities that make it really convenient (swimming pool/hot tub, workout center, business center, hosting room, free parking, gated, etc.).

However, the inside of the place needs a lot of work, so excuse me for not including any pictures. We sold all of our former furniture in the big firesale of April '05, and have yet to find (or fund) replacements. Hopefully, once I start my job in October, we will have the funds and desire to at least purchase a book case, shelf or two to get our junk off the floor and out of boxes.

So yeah, take a peak at the apartment complex. Hopefully, some of you can come out here to see the place in person sometime in the future.


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