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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Milwaukee Brewers Offering Free Tickets to Final Home Game

The Milwaukee Brewers announced an unprecedented promotion: free tickets to all fans (up to 8 per fan) for the team's home game season finale on September 29 against the Cincinnati Reds (corrected!).

"Our goal was to offer something unprecedented to the greatest baseball fans in America," owner Mark Attanasio said. "The people of the state of Wisconsin continue to show tremendous passion for the Brewers, and this is our gesture to thank them for their incredible support in my first year as owner."

How much do you want to bet that those who had already bought tickets to that game will be grumbling about not getting their money back?

Got to love America!


I mistakenly had the Brewers facing the St. Louis Cardinals in this 9/29 game. I was wrong. It is the Cincinnati Reds.

Ticketholders who had previously purchased tickets for this game will receive vouchers to redeem for a game next year. This is mighty better than nothing. However, those individuals who specifically bought tickets for this game, with no current or probable plans to attend a game next year, will still be out-of-luck. Undoubtedly, these people will grumble about not getting their money back, with the voucher being completely worthless in their minds.

So, anonymous, I admit I made a mistake on the name of the team the Brewers were facing. However, I believe my last sentence was still quite relevant to the giveaway. Regardless, thanks for the criticism.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Umm... that article you linked to says it's not the Cardinals but the Cinncinnati Reds. Also has this paragraph:

"Fans already holding tickets for the game can use the ticket for admission. Season ticketholders and fans who have already purchased tickets will be given a voucher that can be exchanged for a comparable ticket to an April home game in 2006. The offer does not include opening day in 2006."

Should we wonder about your reading comprehension and fact-checking on the political posts here too?

Anonymous said...

"However, those individuals who specifically bought tickets for this game, with no current or probable plans to attend a game next year, will still be out-of-luck. "
I still don't get your "out-of-luck" reasoning. They wanted to go to the game, they bought a ticket, they still get to go to the game, right? How does the fact that other people will get to go to the game "free" affect them at all?

The article says only terrace seats are left, so there is a chance that paying ticket holders might not have been one of the earlier people to respond to the free tickets offer to get the seats they paid for. Then they really would be out of luck.

I guess if you look at the world as "I got mine. Why should you get yours... free!?", then a paying ticket holder, who does not want to use the April free game offer, could spin it this way in their head and have a lousy time. Still, I think any normal person who originally bought the tickets, and uses them on 9/29, would have to be a negative nelly if they have a lousy time because the park is fuller than it would be without the free ticket offer. Still, somebody will always find something to complain about, I guess.

Justin said...

Anonymous, your last line sums up my point exactly.