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Saturday, August 13, 2005

What is Ms. Sheehan trying to accomplish?

I am puzzled as to why the press has found Ms. Cynthia Sheehan's vigil so newsworthy to devote all of the resources they have to covering it that have not already been flown out to Aruba.

But first, I am puzzled by what Ms. Sheehan is attempting to accomplish by her vigil outside of President Bush's home and ranch? Hasn't she already met the President? Hasn't he already empathized with her for her loss of her son, and gave his belief that his death was for a noble cause?

I can only assume she wants the President to admit a mistake. But what if the President doesn't believe he has made a mistake? What if he disagrees with her belief? What if the President strongly believes he is right? And what if the majority of the citizens of this country also strongly believes he is right? Then what?

And what if the majority of the citizens of the country that we assisted strongly believes he is right, and they are forever grateful for both the President's decision and her son's sacrifice? Then what?

And what if the majority of Americans and the majority of Iraqis end up being right? Would that make those who disagreed and even protest our actions in Iraq wrong - or at least short-sighted?

Would that make President Bush right?

Oh. Now I know why the press is covering Ms. Sheehan's vigil with so much vigor.


A message to Ms. Sheehan from an Iraqi blogger.


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