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Thursday, August 25, 2005

What is going on with me?


I thought I would check-in.

Paige and I have been living the crazy life the last month. In the last week of July, Paige and I took the 2005 July California State Bar Exam. The exam was tough. Real tough. Really, really, really tough. It is definitely an experience I or Paige do not want to have to go through again. In a sense, the testing experience, although difficult, is anti-climactic compared to the studying experience. It was just 3 long days, and puff! We were done.

The day before the Bar Exam, Paige got some great news: she got a job. It is kind of her dream job, working for the Sacramento County's Office of the Public Defender. She is currently working as legal assistant, and will hopefully be hired as full-time Public Defender after we get our bar exam results in November.

However, the job was in Sacramento, CA, about two hours away from Paige's parents' house in Santa Rosa, CA where we were residing during the Bar Exam studying experience. And she was starting 10 days after the Bar Exam. So, we had about zilch amount of time to find a place for us to live before she started her new job. Fortunately, Paige's sister, Lynly, let us stay at her Davis, CA apartment for two weeks while we looked for a new pad.

During those two weeks, I was assigned the job of finding an apartment... as well as a job for myself. I really, really tried hard to find something in downtown or midtown Sacramento, however came-out with nothing. I was aiming for a place that felt like our old apartment in Madison, WI, and nothing felt right - or was within our price range.

So, I stretched my search to north of the downtown, and we found a place in the Natomas neighborhood of Sacramento. This is the same neighborhood that Arco Arena - home of the Sacramento Kings - is located. In fact, the place we settled on is right across the street from the arena. I am not kidding.

The apartment - called the Villagio Apartments - are your typical modern luxury apartment complex. It has a swimming pool, work-out center, and hot tub. The apartment itself is relatively new, with nice, newer appliances, and spacious floor plans. I like it - so far - but we have only lived here a week. So far, it has been quiet, however today I can hear some kids attacking the swimming pool.

So, what am I doing? Looking for a job. Not so much luck in that process, however, I do have an interview coming up, so I will keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully, I can get hired and be working for awhile so I have some money to spend when I make my triumphant return to Wisconsin.

That is all.

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