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Monday, August 01, 2005

Barry Alvarez: "I like teams like this"

Barry Alvarez at the 2005 Big Ten Kickoff Luncheon:

"[Q]uite frankly, I like teams like this. I like teams that are hungry, teams that have to prove themselves."

"It is about productivity when you play."

"If you take a look at our offense, really we have a number of veterans back, a number of proven players back. You always start with your QB, and it is always good to have a veteran, someone who has played before, John Stocco started 12 games, progressed, got better as the season moved on. Didn't finish the season the way we woulda liked."

"I think we have two elite players on the o-line: Joe Thomas and Dominick Raiola"

"We have two senior receivers who really haven't lived up to their billing since their freshman year."

"On the DL, we will rotate ten players, most of whom played last year due to injuries."

"Biggest question mark on our team: kicker. We haven't had the consistency at the kicking position. We have talent, but not the consistency we are seeking."

In response to a question about why the program tends to follow successful seasons with subpar ones, and how to prevent it:

"We went to a January 1, 1995 Bowl Game. We were kind of ambushed in 2000 with 26 players suspended the morning of our first ballgame - that is really hard to overcome but I believe we won 8 ballgames that year. But this is a different team. Every year stands alone. But you just prepare. We weren't satisfied with our year last year. Our team has returned hungry. Very eager to accomplish some goals this season."

In response to a question about scheduling games during the pre-Big Ten schedule:

"I prefer home games."

In response to a question about timing of us his retirement announcement:

"Timing, the fact that I felt comfortable with my successor. The fact my successor will not lose a year of recruiting. The fact that I wanted to make sure the staff and players felt comfortable with where we were going. It was a combination of all of these things. If I didn't care about the program, I could have waited to do it after the season. But that would have killed our recruiting."

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