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Monday, July 11, 2005

Wonder what came in the mail today... ?

"A charming romantic comedy starring Andrew McCarthy (Pretty in Pink), Kim Cattral ("Sex and the City"), Meshach Taylor ("Designing Women"), Estelle Getty ("The Golden Girls"), and James Spader (Stargate), Mannequin is more than the sum of its fiberglass body parts... it's all heart!

Jonathan Switcher (McCarthy) has certainly been living up to his name. A frustrated artist, he switches from one dead-end job to another, never managing to hold on to any of them. But all of that changes when a mannequin he created for a department store window comes magically to life!

Gorgeous and statuesque, this fiberglass femme fatale (Cattral) helps Jonathan turn his carrer around, inspiring him to be the best window dresser in town. But she soon discovers that the real world isn't so easy, when they run into competitors who want to put them out of business -- for good!"

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