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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

President John F. Kerry's Nominee to Replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor

... would not have been Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. It might not have been anyone, for Justice O'Connor might not have even retired at this point.

Okay, okay, okay. Stop bending my arm behind my back!

So whom do I think it would have been? Only a guess: Sonia Sotomayor. More here. And here.

Considered a moderate by liberals, a liberal by conservatives, Judge Sotomayor would have had probably even more difficulty getting confirmed. However, Sotomayer would have been the first latina member of SCOTUS.

The funniest thing I read was that some Senate Democrats were suggesting Judge Sotomayor to President Bush as his selection!?!

C'mon people! You do not get the spoils of victory when you lose elections!

What do you think?


Wondering what the U.S. legal world would look like in a world with John Kerry as president?

Well, here is what it might have looked like down the road in that bizarro world.

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