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Monday, July 11, 2005

Now Grady Jackson is a potential hold-out

Journal Sentinel writer, Cliff Christl believes the Green Bay Packers got their just desserts when Javon Walker and, now, Grady Jackson fired their agents and hired Drew Rosenhaus to negotiate a new contract extension under the threat of a hold-out. Christl believes that the Packers should have stuck to their guns and not "caved" when Mike McKenzie held-out last season and demanded to be traded.

While Christl's opinion is all well and good, according to's Len Pasquerelli, Packers fans need not worry too much about about the Packers caving-in to Big Ole Grady. Turns out the NFL collective bargaining agreement stipulates that if a team makes an adjustment to a player's contract, it can't do anything to raise the cap value of the deal for 12 months. Since the Packers gave Jackson at least one advance on his base salary in recent months, there really isn't much they can do now.

Sorry, Grady. Probably shoulda kept from super-sizing the Gilbert Burger Extra Value Meal after the season was over.

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