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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Interesting Way to Bridge the Partisan Divide

By claiming that Republicans want to kill Americans.

I guess I should be prepared for attack at any moment... from myself (?)


Here is my own 10 cents about Paul Begala. Paul used to co-host CNN's "Crossfire". He always spoke clearly, without any hint of a southern accent.

Well, one night, I am watching "Corssfire" and as a guest, the show has James Carville. Carville, who would later become a host of the show himself, spoke with a thick, Louisiana accent... you could barely understand him. Much to my surprise, I hear Begala speaking with the same thick accent. This surprised me, because whenever I watched the show before, he did not speak with this accent. Well, the next night, I watch the show again, and there is Begala, not speaking with any accent again.

Pretty weird, huh. Maybe Begala just wanted to impress his buddy by emulating him.

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