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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Badgers Named Sue

The Packers are fighting breast cancer by selling a pink Green Bay Packers hat at their team website.

That got me thinking about what the University of Wisconsin could do to contribute to the fight, too. I was thinking it would be neat if the team sported White and Pink uniforms for one game during the season. Then, after the game, the used jerseys and helmets could be auctioned-off, with proceeds going to the fight against breat cancer. They could also give pink-Badger t-shirts to all of those attending the game, for "awareness".

I know a lot of people probably wouldn't been too keen seeing the Badgers play in pink, but I was thinking it would be kind of like "A Boy Named Sue". They could even call that game that.

Besides, pink is the new black. Well, to some.

Just a random thought.

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